Third party licences

CLE is shipped with the following software modules from 3rd party providers

3rd Party Provider
Licensed under
Google Guice Apache 2.0
EZMorph Apache 2.0
Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver MS SQL SERVER JDBC DRIVER 2.0
Eclipse BIRT Eclipse Public Licence 1.0
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver BSD Licence
Curator Apache 2.0
FreeHEP LGPL v2.1
OAICat Apache 2.0
Java Plug-in Framework LGPL v2.1
Oracle JDBC Driver OTN Dev and Distrib
W3C Tidy Unique OSS Licence
Tomcat Apache 2.0
Swagger Apache 2.0
Android Icons Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
Xstream BSD Licence
Spring Apache 2.0
Apache Commons (various) Apache 2.0
jQuery MIT
SRW Apache 2.0
BoneCP Apache 2.0
TinyMCE LGPL v2.1
Apache Lucene Apache 2.0
JSON-Lib Apache 2.0
Log4j Apache 2.0
JQTI+ Modified BSD
TagSoup Apache 2.0
iTunesU API BSD Licence
Apache PDF Box Apache 2.0
Apache XML-RPC Apache 2.0
CQL-Java LGPL v2.1
Jackson Apache 2.0
Aha-Soft Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License
Mozilla Rhino Mozilla Public Licence 1.1
Apache Tika Apache 2.0
Apache HttpClient Apache 2.0
Aetrion LLC flickrapi_1.2
Rome Apache 2.0
Jafer Z39.50 Client LGPL v2.1
Farm-fresh Web Icons Creative Commons (Attribution 3.0 United States)
MathJax Apache 2.0
Video.js Apache 2.0
Freemarker Modified BSD
JDom Modified BSD
MigLayout BSD Licence
Text Mining LGPL v2.1
Flamingo Swing BSD Licence
RestEasy LGPL v2.1
Antlr BSD Licence
Bootstrap Apache 2.0
METS Java Toolkit LGPL v2.1
Google Guava libraries Apache 2.0
CONCISE Apache 2.0
Hibernate LGPL v2.1
JBoss JTA LGPL v2.1
ZooKeeper Apache 2.0
Apache POI Apache 2.0
SRU Apache 2.0